Python Training in Chennai

Python Certification Training Course in Chennai is one of the easiest programming languages and is highly recommended for beginners who are new to the programming field and have lesser or no prior programming experience. It has taken over popular programming languages like Java and Ruby. Craft Habit will teach you Python course mainly to focus on important programming skills like problem decomposition and data type design and let you take home a handsome package as Salary from reputed software companies.

Why Python

Do you know that popular websites like YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Quora and Netflix are using Python further increasing the career opportunities in this field. There are a lot of start ups and big MNCs looking for trained Python developers and our course will exactly do that, equip you with skillset to get a Job.

Key Features of Learning Python at our Chennai centre

  • 20 days of instructor led classroom training
  • 3 Simulation exams
  • Training by certified and industry experts
  • Get practical expertise in Write Python scripts , unite test code
  • Understand different types of Machine Learning problems and related data
  • Course completion certificate

  • 100% Placement


Craft Habit is conducting an instructor-led Live Python training course in Chennai. Enroll Now! for this Python certification course in our city and accelerate the scope of your career as a certified Python Programmer.
Our 20-days or 160 hours Python live training class in Chennai is conducted by an expert instructor with real-life training and consulting experience. Our Python certification training course content includes 3-Python 101 mock tests with answers and explanation for each question.
Our Python certification training course created by leading subject matter experts and delivered by experienced trainers, will equip you with the skills to write Python scripts, unit test code, Program object-oriented applications along with packaging and delivering Python packages.
Enroll Now! for our Python course in Chennai to learn this high-level programming language that is compiled, interpreted and object oriented. Join our Python course and obtain 160 contact hours certificate towards Continuing Certification Requirements.
For more information about our upcoming training, please contact us on or fill-in the form provided on this page. Our training consultant will contact you with more information on our Python certification training in Chennai.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no defined pre-requisites. Although the course covers basics of statistics, a foundation understanding of Computer Programming terminologies and data analysis concepts would be beneficial for you to apply the knowledge in the real-world.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Python History
  2. Getting started
  3. Language Basics
  4. Python Syntax
  5. Functions for all sequences
    • Using Functions
    • Building Functions
  6. Loops and Iterations
  7. Collections
  8. Modularization of Code
  9. Regular Expressions
  10. Files & Directories
  11. Variables and Expressions
  12. Exception Handling
  13. Object-Oriented Programming Basics

Course Objective

  • Write Python scripts, unite test code
  • Understand different types of Machine Learning problems and related data
  • Learn Program object-oriented applications
  • Package and deliver Python packages


What is Python?
Python is a high-level programming language that is compiled, interpreted and object-oriented. It depends on code readability and syntax that are executed in real-time on most platforms. Python is often considered a beginner’s language in the field of programming.

What is Python used for?
Python is used for general purpose programming to create various kinds of scripts and software. According to a study in early 2018, Python ranked as the fourth most popular programming language, leaving behind JavaScript and Ruby that are considered beginner-friendly languages.

Who is the target audience?
The following individuals can take the Python Certification Training Course:
* Beginners who are completely new to the programming field
* Programmers who wish to switch languages
* Python programmers who wish to enhance their scale

Why should I choose Craft Habit for Python Certification Training Course in Chennai?
Craft Habit conducts 20-days (160 hours) classroom training led by a certified industry expert. The training material includes 3-simulation tests, practical expertise to write Python scripts, unite test code and understand different types of Machine Learning problems along with related data. You will also get a downloadable e-book and course completion certificate.

Should beginners opt to learn Python?
Definitely. Python’s simple yet consistent syntax teaches the students to focus on important programming skills like problem decomposition and data type design. It gives the students an opportunity to work on user-defined objects almost as soon as they begin the course.

What are the career benefits of Python?
It is difficult to obtain the exact number of people who are using Python, but it is believed that tens of thousands of people are using it and it is the second most used programming language. Some popular websites like YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Quora and Netflix are also using Python. Hence, the career opportunities of Python are endless.
Also, according to a survey, the average salary of a Python expert is approximately Rs. 450,000 while the monthly jobs advertised in the India alone is 45,000. According to Stack Overflow, Python’s growth rate is 27% yearly and is a tag that is growing most rapidly.

How stable is Python?
Since 1991, Python has been extremely stable with a new major release every 6 to 18 months and is most likely to continue. Developers introduce the ‘bugfix’ releases of the older version to maintain the stability of the previous releases.

How long does it take to become a Python proficient?
It depends. Python is a relatively simple programming language that is faster and easier to grasp. The more experienced and dedicated you are, the lesser time it will take you to become proficient.

If you are a beginner and practice daily, you can learn the skills in 1-2 months while the fundamental concepts could take up to a year to become proficient. However, an experienced programmer can become fluent within 3 months.

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