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How to Spray Paint High-Gloss Furniture


Spray Paint High Gloss Furniture

I’ve already done a tutorial about how to paint furniture any color under the sun, but I wanted to do a tutorial about how to paint furniture with just spray paint. I’ve been wanting to restore this coffee table that I inherited from my grandmother a couple of years ago, the finish was far from perfect.

The project itself is fairly simple, it just requires some waiting/watching episodes of Modern Family between coats. Materials and instructions after the jump…

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Living Room Makeover Part 2: Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

I spent all yesterday transforming my living room walls from blah beige to bright white. I’ve painted many a room in my day, and here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years:

  1. Prep work is important: dust all molding and tape everything.
  2. Fill all holes with speckle and let dry, sand.
  3. Flat paint works best on walls. Two coats of flat paint are even better.
  4. Tarp EVERYTHING. It’s as if uncovered floors just attract paint drops.

See the “after” after the jump:

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