Stenciled Canister Makeover

Stenciled Canister Makeover :
I remember these canisters sitting on our counter as children. They were filled with the makings of our mother’s cookies and pancakes. But, just like the oak kitchen cabinets in my mother’s house that have since been painted over a modern white, these canisters became a tad worn and outdated, and were shoved into the attic many years ago. ┬áThat is until my sister Jill unearthed them again and made them over, giving them new life with some cute lattice stenciling and chalkboard labels. Thanks to Jill for this wonderful tutorial and pics! See materials and instructions after the jump!

Materials Needed (some materials not pictured):


  • Power sander or sand paper
  • White Paint
  • Eggshell Spray Paint (your hardware store can do a color match for you)
  • Matching Eggshell Paint
  • Stencil
  • Spray adhesive for Stencil Adhesion
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Chalk
  • Foam Brushes
  • Wood Cutouts
  • Wood Glue
  • Newspaper


1) Sand the wood lids with your power sander or sand paper. Glue any missing nobs back on with wood glue.
2) Paint: Paint the holder with a layer of white paint and let dry.
3) Stencil: Use spray adhesive to hold stencil where you want it, and then use the colored spray paint to spray a thin layer over the stencil. Repeat by lining up the stencil and painting the wood with the pattern where you want it. My sister recommends using the matching eggshell paint to paint the rest of the container because you have more control over the coverage.
5) Paint wood cutouts with Chalkboard paint & use wood glue to fasten to jar lids. Let dry.
Painted Canisters DIY :
6.) Write things on the chalkboard placards!

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