DIY Flour & Sugar Canisters

DIY Flour Canisters:

I drink a lot of coffee, and my favorite home made variety is the French Roast from Trader Joe’s. After a while, the empty canisters began to build up, but they were so pretty I couldn’t throw them out. Finally, I opted to recycle them and make colorful flour and sugar canisters I could reuse over and over. Materials and instructions after the jump:


  • Old cardboard coffee canisters, cleaned thoroughly
  • Modpodge
  • Craft sponge
  • Exacto knife
  • Pretty paper
  • Ruler and pencil (not pictured)
  • Printer paper and printer for labels (not pictured)
  Step 1: Using your exacto knife, slice the old canister wrapper  vertically in a straight line and pull off carefully. Save the wrapper to be the “pattern” for the paper you’ll cut out in step 2. See the naked canisters on the left.

Step 2: With the pencil and ruler, trace the shape of the paper wrapper with the pattern from the previous step. Trace on the back side of the pretty paper and add one inch for overlap on the short side. Cut out.

DIY Coffee Canister Makeover : Step 3: Make a vertical stripe of Modpodge on the canister  and place the short end of the paper edge on it, aligning the paper to the canister. Press. Paint another stripe of Modpodge over the top of the paper and canister (see pic). Pull the other side of the paper taunt and wrap around the canister. Press at the glue stripe to seal.

Step 4: It’s possible to label your canisters with a sharpie, but since I have bad handwriting, I found font I liked (recognize this one?) and printed them out. Cut out each label and cover the back with a thin layer of ModPodge and press to the canisters. Let dry and then your ready to fill with dry ingredients!

DIY Flour Canisters:

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