DIY Christmas Wrapping

diy christmas wrapping

I could have just gone to Paper Source, Target or even Walgreens to pick up some wrapping for my Christmas gifts, but knowing me I just had to get creative and make my own. I headed to Scrap, my favorite reuse center to get the supplies for this project. Scrap is a wondrous warehouse full of paper, wood, fabric, fake flowers, foam and pretty much any other recycled art supplies you can think of. If you’re ever in SF, I highly recommend a visit. I know you might not be able to replicate these some of these exact supplies, but I hope this post will inspire you to get inventive with your gift wrap and give some charming gifts this holiday season. More after the jump!

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Firstly, I picked up some shiny paper (it might even be wallpaper) and stamped it with a champaign cork to create some polka dots.


Then I picked up some plastic paint chips (also from Scrap) and wrote on them with permeant marker to make gift tags.


Tissue Paper Flower Step 1: Next I made a tissue paper flower by taking one sheet of paper and folding it like an accordion.


Tissue Paper Flower Step 2: I cut the accordion paper into 2 pieces, one about 9″ long and the other 3″ long. Then I tapered the ends by making one curved and one triangle shaped.


Tissue Paper Flower Step 3: Unfold the accordian pieces and place them on top of one and other, making sure the folds are aligned and the smaller paper is in the middle of the larger one. Take floral wire to and twist a 3″ piece around the middle of the tissue paper. Fan out the paper to make the flower. Twist on the gift tag with the remaining wire and trim any excess off.

Paper Flower Gift Bow

Silk Scarf Wrapping Step 1: I used a long thin scarf to wrap a small gift for my brother. First, I wrapped the gift in tissue paper because the scarf doesn’t completely cover the box.


Silk Scarf Wrapping Step 2:  I laid the box in the middle of the scarf and knotted it once.


Silk Scarf Wrapping Step 3:  I flipped the box over and knotted the scarf again on the other side, covering the parts of the box that didn’t get covered in the last step. I tied the knot with a ribbon so it would stay and attached a gift tag. Finally, I took the remaining ribbon and tied it in a bow.


This is what the tissue paper bow and scarf wrapping look like when they’re done. I also wrapped a present for my sister with an old map and tied it with shoe laces for a nautical affect.


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