What I’ve Been up to…

Craft Habit Designs

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been a little remiss (aka absolutely terrible) at updating my blog in the last few months. I’ve been working on an exciting new segment of Craft Habit, housewares and pretty things made by me in the style and aesthetic of this very blog. I call my new shop Craft Habit Designs.

I’ve been working endlessly at my sewing machine for months to get ready for this holiday season and I’ve actually done it. I built my etsy store and gotten my work into three well-know craft fairs in the SF Bay Area. The process has been exciting and stressful, but mostly I’m just proud of myself that I launched in such a short amount of time.

I had a great deal of help from Springboard SF, a program that helps creative people get their side projects or businesses launched. I could not have launched Craft Habit Designs without the tremendous amount of clarity and inspiration the program provided me.

You can catch me weekend at the KPFA Crafts Fair or next at the SF Holiday Market, both in San Francisco. If you don’t find yourself in San Francisco at this very moment, you can still do your holiday shopping on my Etsy shop and I can ship all over the world! There will be more tutorials, patterns and general crafty goodness once all this holiday craziness subsites. I’d like to wish all of my readers the best, most fulfilling holidays and a rocking new year!

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