Colorful Dreamcatcher Tutorial

How to Make a Colorful DreamcatcherIn my spare time, I teach at an after school program for elementary school kids. Every week, I get to come up with fun projects for them to do that take no more than an hour. I’ve revamped the traditional dreamcatcher with neon feathers and fun ribbon. See the tutorial after the jump!

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DIY DreamcatcherMaterials:

  • 6″ Metal clamp loop (available in the plumbing section of the hardware store)
  • Yarn
  • Ribbon or Bias tape
  • A couple of beads
  • 15 or so feathers
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Scissors

dreamcatcher tutorial Step 1: Wrap the metal clamp loop in ribbon or bias tape, hot glueing the ribbon at the beginning to secure it. Hot glue it one third and two thirds of the way as well as at the end. Trim any excess ribbon once the glue has dried. how to weave a dreamcatcher Step 2: Cut a long piece of yarn and double knot one end onto your metal clamp loop. how to make a simple dreamcatcher Step 3: Loop the yarn over the metal clamp and bring it back through the yarn as shown. DIY Dream Catcher Step 4: Repeat the loop all the way until it meets up with the double knot at the beginning, spacing each knot about 3/4 in apart. Continue the same loop knot, working inwards wrapping the yarn around itself. String a  couple beads onto the yarn when you want them. When the yarn gets too close together to keep knotting, you’re done with the loops. Simply double knot the yarn and trim the excess to finish. DIY Dreamcatcher Step 5: Tie three 24″ pieces of yarn onto the botton of the dreamcatcher at the middle. Cut the thread so that its different lengths if you’d like. DIY Dreamcatcher

Step 6: Tie two or three feathers tightly at the bottom of each string and double knot. Place a bead of hot glue on the knot and wrap the tread a couple of times around the base of the feathers to secure and let dry.

how to weave a dreamcatcher

Step 7: Make a loop with a few inches of yarn and hot glue on the top back of the dreamcatcher, let dry. You’ll hang it from this loop. Done!

Colorful Dreamcatcher DIY

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