DIY Vintage Lamp Makeover

DIY Vintage Lamp Makeover

I’ve wanted some matching lamps for my new nightstands, I found these simple vintage lamps for $12 each at the thrift store, and gave them a spray paint makeover to match my decor. Materials and instructions after the jump…

Materials Needed:

  • Vintage lamps
  • Spray Primer
  • Gloss Spray Paint
  • New lamp shades
how to spray paint a lamp base

1. Tape. I wanted to spray paint the brass parts at the bottom and the top but I left the lap socket paint free  since it’ll be covered by the shade by taping it with blue tape. I also covered about the first 12″ of the cord coming out of the base with tape so I wouldn’t get paint on it.

Spray Paint Lamp

2. Prime. Since this was my first time spray painting ceramics, I decided to spray two light coats of primer to make sure the paint stuck. Let the primer dry for 10 min between coats.

3. Paint. Do two coats of spray paint in the color of your choice. Let the paint dry 10 minutes between coats, then let the final coat dry an hour or two just to let it set.

4. Untape, put on a spiffy new shade and enjoy!

How to paint a lamp


Paint Color: Valspar 85022 Gloss Frosty Berry Spray Paint

Shades: Target Restyle Room Essentials Small

Bed Spread: Ikea

Night Stands: Here

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