Urban Outfitters Inspired Nightstands

Urban Outfitters Inspired Nightstands

My brother recently passed down his old Ikea nightstands to me (thanks Timmy!).  What I love about Ikea is that it’s a convenient, inexpensive way to outfit our homes with furniture named Görg and Flugalhorn. What I don’t love about Ikea is that  it’s an inexpensive way to make our homes look like shabby recreations of their catalogue, each apartment similar to the rest.

I believe that a home should be filled with history and character. Although we cannot (yet) stick furniture in a time machine to give it history,  we have it in our power to give pieces more character with a little paint and imagination.  Materials and instructions after the jump…

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Ikea Nighstand Redo

I was inspired by this ($149!) nightstand from Urban Outfitters, it fueled my obsession with mint, so I decided to make them over with the leftover paint I had from my desk redo.

Urban Outfitters Gigi Nightstands

Materials Needed:

1. Clean the piece. Since my desk was pretty dirty I scrubbed it down with a water and little ammonia, then wiped it dry with paper towels.

2. Sand. Since most Ikea pieces are made from laminate, I used a sanding block to sand it lightly.

3. Fill in holes if need be. Fill in all holes and gauges with wood filler. Let dry according to the instructions on the packaging, at least 20 minutes. Sand any excess filler gently with fine sandpaper.

4. Prime. I used spray primer since its a lot faster than the old fashioned kind, but either will work. I just did one coat, although you can be safe with two. Let dry and sand out any little imperfections.

5. Paint. Use FLAT PAINT to get maximum adhesion. Paint two coats sanding between coats.

6. Gloss. Clear Gloss Enamel spray paint turns your piece from flat to glossy.  Do as many light coats as you have patience for, at least 4 or 5. Let the piece dry 10 minutes between coats. DO NOT sand between gloss coats.

7. Cain Webbing. When the piece has dried overnight, cut a piece of cain webbing to the size of the inset on the door. Working quickly, dot hot glue on the back of the cane about ever inch  to make sure it’s well covered. Flip the cane over and press into the insert. Let set for 5 minutes.
8. Nobs. Put on new nobs. You’re done!
Mint Green Nightstand
Find out more about painting high-gloss furniture with my desk and coffee table paint tutorials.


Paint color: Valspar 6003-9C Green Gala

Nobs: Anthropologie

Cain Webbing: Amazon

Ikea Nightstand Redo

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