Stenciled Coffee Mugs

Stenciled Mugs

I’ve been waylaid for a couple of weeks working on the epic projects of all projects, (stay tuned), But I wanted to put up these stenciled mugs posted today. I found this great tutorial on The 36th Avenue about painting mugs. I pretty much followed the whole tutorial, but I found a workaround to create the stencil for the mug with a normal inkjet or laser printer, no vinyl cutter necessary!

How to Stencil Mugs

Materials Needed:

1. Find a not too detailed font and open up a word doc, type out your numbers.  Size the numbers so that they’ll fit on your mug.  Make sure there’s enough space between the numbers so you can cut them into stencils later. Print the numbers first on a regular piece of paper to make sure they’re sized correctly for your mugs. Then, print the letters on a clear printer sheet.

2. Cut out the negative space on the sheet to create the stencil, press to the mugs.

Stenciled Mugs

3. Dab the paint, trying to stay within the lines, covering well.

4. Immediately remove the stencils from the mugs. You’ll noticed that I painted outside of the lines a bit here.

How to Stencil Coffee Cups

5. Use your finger nail to scrape off the extra paint.

Stenciled Coffee Mugs

6. Once you have the numbers the shape that you want, bake mugs at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Your mugs are now hand washable!

Painted Coffee Mugs

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