Oil Cloth Market Tote Tutorial


Oil cloth Tote Tutorial

I’ve been in love with this lovely oilcloth print from the Mission’s own Fabric Outlet for some time now. I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with it, I just knew I had to sew something with it.

Materials and instructions after the jump:

Materials Needed:

Pattern Pieces:
  • Front Panel (Cut 2)
  • Side Panel (Cut 2)
  • Botton Piece (Cut 1)
  • Strap (Cut 2)

Seem allowance is the standard 5/8th inch. Set your machine to a wide stitch setting.

Oilcloth Pattern

1. Cut all pattern pieces, tote can be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

2. Pin and stitch together one front piece and side pieces, right sides together. Pin and stitch together another front panel and then sew together the last side panel and front panel edges to form the shape of the bag.

Oil Cloth Tote Bag Tutorial
Pin and stitch together the sides

2. Pin and sew on the bottom piece, right side facing in. It’s easiest to start stitching two or three inches from the corner and then go back and stitch the corners later on your machine or by hand.

Oil Cloth Tote Tutorial
Pin and stitch the bottom

3. Pin and hem the top of the bag.

4. Make the straps. Because oil cloth is so very difficult to turn inside out, we’ll be making the straps by folding the two inch straps you cut in half lengthwise, wrong sides facing. Pin together and pinch the seam. Sew two straight lines lengthwise with a 5/8th in seam allowance from the edge. Trim an exeess cloth to ensure that both sides of the strap match up.

Oilcloth Tote Construction

5. Pin the strap to the tote and loop it on the front panel 12″ apart. Stitch and back stich horizontally a couple of times where the strap meets the top of the hem. To attach the strap to the bag, sew on the vertical straight lines, matching the stitching that you originally made when constructing the strap. Repeat with the other side of the strap so you have two vertical lines of stitching. Back stitch the bottom of the strap to make sure its secure. Repeat with the other side of loop to attach strap 1. Repeat on the other panel with strap 2.

Make a tote bag

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