Cerulean Chiffon Bow Top Pattern

Chiffon Bow Top

I love, love chiffon. It’s the texture of tissue paper and sometimes just as hard to work with. I’ve created this simple bow top with a fly away back (see picture below). The top’s fit is as light as air and loose, it’s perfect worn over a tank top. Materials and instructions after the jump.


Pattern Pieces

  • Front piece (cut one)
  • Back pieces (cut two)
  • Large Bow piece (cut one)
  • Small bow piece (cut one)
Chiffon Bow Top Pattern

Chiffon Bow Top Pattern










1. Measurements. The easiest thing to do is measure a simple well fitting T-shit across the shoulders and waist while lying flat. Add three inches for the front piece width. For the back, there’s 3″ of overlap on the pieces, so you’ll want to take your final front shoulder¬†measurement, divide by 2 and add another 2″ in the inside of the piece. ¬†The back piece will be a total of 4″ wider than the front.

2. Cut bow pieces, instructions on how to make a big bow are available on this Jenny Bow Skirt Tutorial.

3. Sew together front and back pieces at the side seems and shoulders.

Chiffon Bow Top Instructions

4. Pin 5/8th inch seam allowance on back piece inside flaps and the back of the neck. Press and hem.

Chiffon Top Pattern

5. Pin and sew together back pieces together with 2″ of overlap.

6. Hem all remaining edges with 5/8th inch.

7. Create large bow according to these instructions and tack by hand onto the top.

8. You’re done!

Chiffon Pattern

Chiffon Bow Top Tutorial
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