Empire Waist Blouse Pattern

Empire Waist Pattern

You can download the PDF version of this pattern and instructions on Craftsy.com.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in paint the last week or so, so I was excited to get back to my sewing machine to make this simple spring blouse pattern based on the infinity dress pattern I did a while back.

The whole pattern consists of four pieces, a quarter circle “skirt, two front bust pieces and the back piece.

Materials Needed:

Pattern Pieces:
  • Quater circle piece (cut one on fold)
  • Front straps (cut two on fold)
  • Back (cut one)
Seam allowance is not included. Hemming is not necessary if the pieces are cut smoothly  enough.
empire waist top pattern

The first thing you need to do is determine the diameter of your waist. Just think back to Jr. High math class, and if you still can’t remember Google can help you out.

Diameter = circumference (your waist measurement)/ 3.14.

So my waist measurement is 30″/3.14= 9.55″

The other measurements you’ll need are your shoulder width and torso height.

Step 1: First start by creating the circle top. Attach a piece of yarn or string to a screw in a block of wood. The string should be your circumference of your waist. Draw a curved line to create a quarter circle.  To create the bottom hem measurement on  the circle top cut a piece of string that equals your circumference measurement plus your torso height. Draw a second curved line to finish the quarter circle pattern piece. Cut one quarter circle piece on the fold.

Make the quarter circle "skirt" piece

2.  Cut two front strap 10″x 13″ pieces on the fold. Cut one back piece.

3. Sew together the short side of the circle piece, right sides facing. Pin the back piece to the circle piece, lining up with the side hems and sew right sides facing.

4.Pin the front strap pieces with a small overlap with each other and the back piece.

empire waist top pattern
Overlapped Pieces

5. Sew together front straps and back pieces using a zigzag stitch for stretch. Done!


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