Peplum Top T-Shirt Upcycle

Peplum Top Shirt Upcycle

I love peplum tops and I’ve been thinking about how to make one for a while. I was inspired by all the wonderful T-shirt upcycle  projects on Pinterest and decided to create one of my own. See instructions after the jump…

1. First, you’ll need two identical t-shirts that fit you well, I used Old Navy Perfect T’s. Cut the first shirt at the navel. Save the extra fabric since you’ll need it for the flowers.

2. Use this pattern on the second shirt. The pattern is a simple half circle “skirt” cut on the bias. The length is 7 inches, waist is your waist measurement divided by 2.

3.  Pin the pattern to shirt number 2. If the whole thing doesn’t fit on the shirt in one piece, cut it up so that you have enough fabric, fit where the arrow is pointing in this pic. Be sure to cut all pattern pieces on the bias.

4. Pin and sew all peplum pattern pieces together at the short end. Press seams.

5. Pin and sew peplum to the cropped T-shirt.  Hem bottom of peplum with a 5/8ths inch stich.

6. Use the extra fabric that you cut off from the bottom of the first shirt to form the flowers with this tutorial. Sew the flowers on by hand.

7. Enjoy your peplum top!

As shared on Some What Simple, Yesterday on Tuesday, and Saved by Love Creations

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